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Sales + Marketing Lead

  • Hybrid, NYC Based
  • Pay + Equity
  • Full-time

As the Sales + Marketing Lead, you’ll be working directly with the executive team to build out a successful, engaging sales pipeline and customer onboarding system. You will connect with restaurant managers and owners on a regular basis to build a sales pipeline, refine and shape customer profiles, research and observe key driving indicators of service success, and collect feedback from restaurant stakeholders to build a spectacular customer onboarding experience from the ground up. This role will have the opportunity to assist with merch production, social brainstorming, referral program creation + stategy, ad creation, marketing material design, smooth-talking and cold-calling, campaign planning -- all the good stuff.


As a member of a small, early-stage climate and infrastructure startup team, you will have the opportunity to work on every stage of engagement development: you will help build out best practices and procedures to ensure effective growth and meaningful sales. This role requires tenacity for follow-through (especially with a demographic that isn't computer-bound), diligence with calendar syncing, impressive networking, optimism and passion to set course for a regenerative future, and a love of excellent food....because you'll get to know a lot of restaurants! We care deeply about our community of restaurants, and we hope you will too.  Who are you? Someone with exemplary communication skills, pro-active and thoughtful emailing, and a clear human voice. The most ideal candidate will have a knack for optimizing, be sensitive to context, and a willingness to try + iterate (spec, consider scenarios, test, reflect.)


At Hodge, we encourage a skepticism towards "the way things are" and tenacious creativity for building "the way they could be:" a connected, thriving ecosystem where valuable waste isn't only salvaged, but monetized with shared value. We respect obstacles, for they help us iterate and grow. We are an incredibly hands-on, fast paced early-stage team where hurdles occur daily, but operations and service must continue. We love creative problem-solvers, those who can self-manage with an eye for collaborative momentum. 


Hodge celebrates (and requires!) diversity to thrive. We are committed to EEO regardless of race, color, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, national origin, gender, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital or parental status, disability, veteran status, and more.



  • In-Person, Red Hook (BK) Based
  • Pay + Equity
  • Full-time

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Brooklyn, NY

USDOT# 3782137

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